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Hospitals List: All

Hospitals List: All

Information updated through August 23, 2021

Records: 50,144; Filesize: 4,638 KB.

Single download, unlimited uses, of the MEDICAlistings mailing, phone and fax list for marketing to all U.S. hospitals’ records including acute care, specialty and separate hospital units – ALL hospital facilities and unit records, comprising 50,144 records.

Medical specialties included on this medical marketing list:

  • Hosp: Long Term Care Hospital
  • Amb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Rural Health
  • Hosp Unit: Epilepsy Unit
  • Hosp Unit: Medicare Defined Swing Bed Unit
  • Hosp Unit: Psychiatric Unit
  • Hosp Unit: Rehabilitation Unit
  • Hosp Unit: Rehabilitation, Substance Use Disorder Unit
  • Hosp: Christian Science Sanitorium
  • Hosp: Chronic Dis: Children
  • Hosp: Chronic Disease Hospital
  • Hosp: Gen Acute Care: Children
  • Hosp: Gen Acute Care: Critical Access
  • Hosp: Gen Acute Care: Rural
  • Amb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Critical Access Hospital
  • Hosp: General Acute Care Hospital
  • Res Trt Fac: Subst Abs Rehab: Substance Abuse Treatment, Children
  • Hosp: Mil: Community Health
  • Hosp: Mil: Military General Acute Care Hospital
  • Hosp: Mil: Military General Acute Care Hospital. Operational (Transportable)
  • Hosp: Military Hospital
  • Hosp: Psychiatric Hospital
  • Hosp: Rehab: Children
  • Hosp: Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Hosp: Religious Nonmedical Health Care Institution
  • Hosp: Special Hospital
  • Nrsg/CC Fac: Hospice, Inpatient
  • Res Trt Fac: Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility
  • Res Trt Fac: Residential Treatment Facility, Emotionally Disturbed Children
  • Hosp: Gen Acute Care: Women

This file can be used in Excel® and other standard office software that can use ordinary comma delimited files (CSV format).

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