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Alternative Medicine Practitioners List

Alternative Medicine Practitioners List

Information updated through December 21, 2020

Records: 61,847; Filesize: 5,953 KB.

Single download, unlimited uses, of the MEDICAlistings mailing, phone and fax list for marketing to U.S. acupuncturists, naturopaths, homeopaths, reflexologists and Christian Science nurses (not including midwives), comprising 61,847 records.

Medical specialties included on this medical marketing list:

  • Resp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Music Therapist
  • Resp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Dance Therapist
  • Resp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Art Therapist
  • Other Prov: Reflexologist
  • Other Prov: Naturopath
  • Other Prov: Midwife, Lay
  • Other Prov: Midwife
  • Other Prov: Homeopath
  • Other Prov: Acupuncturist
  • Nrsg Svc Related: Religious Nonmedical Practitioner
  • Nrsg Svc Related: Doula
  • Nrsg Svc Related: Christian Science Practitioner/Nurse
  • Behav/Soc Svc: Poetry Therapist

This file can be used in Excel® and other standard office software that can use ordinary comma delimited files (CSV format).

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