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Optometrists List

Optometrists List

Information updated through November 12, 2020

Records: 88,524; Filesize: 7,954 KB.

Single download, unlimited uses, of the MEDICAlistings mailing, phone and fax list for marketing to U.S. optometrists, comprising 88,524 records.

Medical specialties included on this medical marketing list:

  • Eye/Vsn: Optometrist: Vision Therapy
  • Eye/Vsn: Optometrist: Sports Vision
  • Eye/Vsn: Optometrist: Pediatrics
  • Eye/Vsn: Optometrist: Occupational Vision
  • Eye/Vsn: Optometrist: Low Vision Rehabilitation
  • Eye/Vsn: Optometrist: Corneal and Contact Management
  • Eye/Vsn: Optometrist
TIP: All records on this list are available on the more comprehensive Vision Care List: All, which may be a better value for you.

This file can be used in Excel® and other standard office software that can use ordinary comma delimited files (CSV format).

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