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  • I purchased a list, now how do I download it?

    Login to your account here, then click the big, My Orders link on the right hand side of that page. Your Order History appears; click on the View link beside the order you wish to download, and the complete detail of the order appears. Find the name of the list you wish to download in the Item column, and click on the download button on that line to begin your download. Select the SAVE option in the download prompt (do not attempt to Open the download file; these are large files and the download may fail). Save the file to a location on your computer. After downloading the compressed (.zip) file, unzip the contents using WinZip® or other unzip utility. Go here for detailed download instructions. Be sure to download your list right away, and then save a copy of the download file to a safe location (backup!), as your file will be available on our server for a limited time after purchase.

  • What data is included in the list?

    In addition to contact information for healthcare providers (names, practice and mailing addresses with mostly 9-digit Zip Codes, phone, and a majority with fax numbers), MEDICAlistings provides a salutation (as used in 'Dear Dr. Smith'), the provider's gender, specialty/subspecialty or type of facility in the case of organizations, and, where available, whether or not the provider does business as a sole proprietor, is a subpart under an organization, serves an urban, rural or other area, a wealth/poverty code for the provider's service area, whether the provider is enrolled to bill Medicare, and a warning if the provider has been barred from billing Medicare for fraud or other reasons. Not all fields are populated for all records, except for name, address, phone, specialty and some others. Data does not include email addresses.

    Not every field is populated in every record, for instance, the fax number field is populated in approximately 65% of records, whereas the name, address and telephone number fields are populated in 100% of records.

    View the complete description of MEDICAlistings fields at this link. Download a sample data package here.

  • What are the data fields contained in a list file?

    Review the complete field list and data descriptions.

  • Where does the data come from?

    MEDICAlistings healthcare provider mailing lists, phone and fax numbers and other data are compiled from U.S. federal databases and other public and private sources. By combining data from databases compiled by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the United States Postal Service, MEDICAlistings provides the very best value in up-to-date and accurate marketing lists. No data is distributed by MEDICAlistings that has not been determined by federal agencies to be appropriate for release under the Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

  • How often are the lists updated?

    MEDICAlistings constantly updates its databases, with many tens of thousands of changes every month. Each month's updated list releases contain information submitted by providers to their federal records, as required by law, within the previous 60 days or so. Changes are reflected in our lists just a few days after the data updates are released by our sources. TIP: Because some of the sources we use are updated on shifting dates during the month, you may notice that only 3 weeks pass between updates, or perhaps 5 or six weeks in some cases. But there are always 12 updates within each approximately one-year period.

  • What is the data format, and how do I use it on my computer?

    Data is provided as a comma delimited CSV file, suitable for use in Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, FileMaker®, and virtually all other commercial spreadsheet and database software and database management systems. Despite the large size of some of the list files, all may be used with standard office computer software, such as Microsoft Excel. Review file description details at this link.

  • Can I download a sample data file?

    Yes! Visit the sample data page.

  • Why do some providers have more than one record?

    You will notice that some providers have more than one record in our lists. For Individual Practitioners, this is because some practitioners have one record in the federal database as an individual, and a second record for their practice's corporate entity. For Company/Organization/Facility lists, entities such as hospitals may have multiple records to indicate separate business units, or for separate facilities. Hospitals tend to have three or more records for this reason. We provide all of the records so that you can better target appropriate departments and addressees.

  • Why are there 3 and 4 digit ZIP Codes in my Excel spreadsheet?

    Excel drops leading zeroes when it interprets the column as numeric. All U.S. ZIP Codes are 5 digits long. The fix is simple In Excel, highlight the ZIP Code column. Right click your mouse and choose Format Cells. Under the Number tab select Special. Make sure the Type is set to Zip Code and then click OK. All leading zeros are now visible.

  • Are there limits on how I can use the list?

    Yes. Read the legal notice at this link, and the End User License Agreement (EULA) at this link. Briefly: You may not redistribute the lists in any way or use the information they contain in any product or service. Refer to the legal notice and the EULA for more thorough information about how you may use the lists. There is no limit on the period of time during which you may use the lists, or on the number of uses within your own company or business unit; however, you should be aware that tens of thousands of changes are made to providers' contact information every month. If you want to use the data in a derivative product, website, directory, etc., extended licensing is available; please contact Sales at

  • What are the system requirements for using MEDICAlistings list files?

    All of our lists are downloaded as compressed zip files, which must be extracted using an unzip utility (7zip is a free option). The extracted list is a standard Comma Separated Values (CSV) file that can be immediately used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Sun and other computers using software such as Microsoft Excel, Access or FileMaker. The speed and efficiency with which you will be able to use your list is limited only by the power of your computer. For Windows, we recommend the following minimums, but virtually any computer is capable of handling our lists:

    • Pentium II processor or better, PC, Mac or Linux, 500MHz, with 1 GHz RAM
    • Monitor, keyboard and mouse
    • Software for opening the file, such as Excel, UltraEdit or other CSV-file compatible viewer (CSV Viewer is a free option). CSV files may be viewed in Microsoft Word but may be difficult to read.

  • Can I open these large files in Excel?

    You can use MEDICAlistings list in Excel. However, one of our files (Physicians/Surgeons: All Specialties and Subspecialties) has grown to have so many physician records that we separate it into two files; one file for the individual physicians, and one file for physicians' business entities (organizations).

  • How can I request a refund?

    Since there would be no way to verify that a list has been "returned", our lists are supplied with a no-refund policy. Please be very sure that you have selected the list you need before buying. Review our full policies at this link.

  • I only need the listings for one state. Can I get just one state?

    Visit our sister company,, for information on state-by-state datasets. CarePrecise Access State datasets contain all HIPAA-covered healthcare providers per state, rather than specific specialties.

  • Can I get a file containing all of the 4 million+ U.S. healthcare providers?

    Yes! Our parent company, CarePrecise, specializes in just that. The CarePrecise Access Complete™ product, containing all HIPAA-covered healthcare providers in the U.S., with much more detailed information on each provider, is updated monthly and is available for purchase at the CarePrecise website. CarePrecise also offers licensing for redistribution of our data.